Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What I HEARD was....

Last week I was having a taxes disconnect.  I really didn't notice, but Bruce and Margo thought I was a) going deaf, b) developing Alzheimers, c) losing my marbles.

I would be sitting on the couch (knitting a sock) with the TV on (background noise) and was thinking about the taxes and what I had to get together to go to the accountant.  Bruce or Margo would walk into the room and ask me a question or make a statement.  I would respond and they would stand there.... stunned.

What he SAID was: "I have to work tomorrow and the next day and I probably won't get home until late."

What my RESPONSE was: "Great, then you'll have time tomorrow to call the stupid lawyer about the stupid check that they made out to the wrong stupid person."  There he stands.... stunned.

What I HEARD was: "I have to work (I wonder if I have all of the  expense paperwork calculated)won't (does that show up in the register report?) late."

Eventually the stunned wore off and he repeated his original statement.  Louder, and slower.

What Margo SAID was:  "I brought up what you wanted, diced tomatoes in tomato juice." (for dinner)

What my RESPONSE was: "Well, I know there's some down there, you just didn't look in the right place.  It's with the vegetables, not with the juice."

What I HEARD was: "I brought up (did I remember to include the deductions for health insurance?) tomato juice."

Again, stunned.  But Margo is onto me, she turned on her heel, flounced out of the room and returned with the offending can of  "DICED TOMATOES IN TOMATO JUICE, MOTHER!!!"  Okay, I got it.

The taxes are to the accountant, I only forgot one thing and that was easily fixed.  I appear to have gotten over my selective hearing. (knit one, knit 2 tog, YO, knit 3)  What?

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