Thursday, August 11, 2011

Knitting is the only thing standing between me and insanity

I've been knitting.  I have a hat in progress (easy) and a pair of socks (more difficult).  I am trying to keep the house running AND get the stuff to the accountant AND answer questions on the phone about the FedEx route which we are selling, hopefully soon.  Come on guys... SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!

Anyway, knitting is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment.  When I am losing it, I knit on the hat, when I am calmer, I knit on the socks.  I have a plan involving etsy and selling handknit socks... it may actually work!  But.... I need to get some more socks knit.  The current socks Margo has named "Twizzler Socks" because they remind her of the candy.

Today is our 27th Anniversary.  I bought my own Anniversary gift this year.  Sock Blockers from Knitpicks.  I can't WAIT for them to get here!  SO excited.  You see, I HAVE to buy these gifts for myself because if you said "sock blockers" to Bruce you would get a deer in headlights look.... he tries but... you know.

I may be saved, because I just scheduled dinner with my buds, Shelley and Jenni.  I only have to live until Tuesday night now.... and keep on knitting!

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