Friday, January 20, 2012

Changing the Lares and Penates

I finally got around to dealing with the house.  I figure I'd better take down Christmas before it's Valentine's think?  Anyway, I always refer to this (in my head because no one would get it) as the Changing of the Lares and Penates.  Lares and Penates were Roman house gods.  They found bunches of them when excavating Roman ruins.  There, that's as much explanation as you get.

Anyway, I take down Santas, and snowmen and nativities and snowcovered houses and I replace them with fossils, Zapotec gods in black pottery, Tang horses, elephants and rabbits of all sorts.  The Oaxacan wooden figures return, replacing reindeer.  The "Three Chinese Guys" (as Bruce says), the gods of Longevity, High Rank and Fortune are put out where the Christmas Village was. 
You see, I change my Lares and Penates.  Not any Lares or Penates the Romans would recognize, but I have to make do....

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