Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Designing a Valentine Hat

I had a thought (which is always a danger).  Ideas about what to do for an over-the-top Valentine Hat.  For starters, a Valentine hat pretty much has to be red and white, right?  (Come to find out, not so much)  I started with a typical 2/2 rib white hat with red hearts knit in.... bleh.  OUT it ripped!  I looked at the yarn, and I got EZ's book and tried to knit small hearts using her heart idea for the back of her heart hat.  I wanted  hearts about 1.5 to 2 inches across.  Didn't work, I got red blobs.  So, I sat and looked at the yarn for another day.
I was looking for a hat with style, not cutesy but whimsical.  Whimsy is my middle name, right? (those who know me are gagging)  I saw a gal in a hat that was knit in alternating bands of stockinette and reverse stockinette so it looked horizontally ribbed, but it was brown so it rather resembled a large cow pie.... I wanted more structure.
This is what I came up with:
And in Blue:

They are on etsy, and I just finished one that's red with white hearts.  Fingers crossed!
By the way, my sulky model was not best pleased that I made her stand in the rain in hats....oh well, such is the price of being my kid!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Changing the Lares and Penates

I finally got around to dealing with the house.  I figure I'd better take down Christmas before it's Valentine's Day....you think?  Anyway, I always refer to this (in my head because no one would get it) as the Changing of the Lares and Penates.  Lares and Penates were Roman house gods.  They found bunches of them when excavating Roman ruins.  There, that's as much explanation as you get.

Anyway, I take down Santas, and snowmen and nativities and snowcovered houses and I replace them with fossils, Zapotec gods in black pottery, Tang horses, elephants and rabbits of all sorts.  The Oaxacan wooden figures return, replacing reindeer.  The "Three Chinese Guys" (as Bruce says), the gods of Longevity, High Rank and Fortune are put out where the Christmas Village was. 
You see, I change my Lares and Penates.  Not any Lares or Penates the Romans would recognize, but I have to make do....

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January, a time for resolutions (or not)

Well, today after paying the bills, I resolve to spend less in 2012.  Not sure where I'm going to cut the budget... I can't cut my spending on fabric, books or yarn.  Maybe electricity or water.... you think?  Perhaps kid clothes.  Groceries?  Nah.

I resolve to eat more (vegetables), and to drink more (water) and to drink less (wine) and to be more organized (like I don't resolve to do that every year and we ALL know how THAT works out).  I resolve to be less (of a control freak) and more (of a relaxed person).  I resolve to not let the failure to follow any of these resolutions get me down, after all, I have the BEST of intentions.

I'm thinking of a scarf that is only a cable.  a BIIIIIIG cable and that's all.  How would I do that?  hmmmmm.  Gotta work on that one.

Just sent in the registrations for Sew and Stitchery EXPO in Puyallup.  We've got our room all booked and Phyl is coming from Kansas.  She must have had a good time last year, because she's coming back.  Evidently we didn't scare her as badly as I thought we might.  I have a couple of things I'm looking for up there (please refer to resolution #1).  I actually don't have too much that I want, and if I start thinking I do, I can just go up and stand in the middle of the pile that purports to be my studio and get over the buying feeling.

If there was an earthquake while I was in there, I would be suffocated under the piles of STUFF (fabric, yarn, patterns, books, thread.....).  Killed by my own excess.  Of course, if there is an apocalypse of some sort and I'm NOT in there, I will be SAVED because I will have supplies to create an entirely new life for my family because *I* will have enough fabric to sew (I have a treadle machine) and yarn to knit and fiber to spin FOREVER!!!!  So, I'll just keep dashing in and out of the studio... right? Picture post-apocalyptic me, sewing with my grandma's treadle Singer, dressed in fabrics dating from the '70's (that orange.....shudder), with my daughter and husband flogging my wares on the street corners to those too silly to stock up BEFORE the end of civilisation.  I'm ready!

I resolve to be ready.  That's IT!  The ultimate resolution!