Sunday, September 11, 2011


I scored enough yarn to keep me knitting for about a year.  My friend Pat has moved to assisted living and gave me all her yarn (and patterns from the '80's which are definitely giggle-worthy).  There are three huge boxes, plus a couple of kits and a bunch of smaller boxes.  The whole mess almost completely filled my van.  It is an absolutely huge amount of yarn.  Most of it is wool or wool blend.  Some is extremely gorgeous mohair yarn and some is even custom dyed!  There is a price tag on some of the specialty stuff of $14.55 and I estimate that it was bought in about 1988, so the stuff was really expensive.

My knitting students are dying to knit socks, and some of this is light enough weight to make a nice sock.  I'm sure they will flip over some of this yarn!  There is some nice sport weight wool blend.

I want to sort through it, because I spotted some custom dyed mohair in there.  I haven't knitted in about a week.  It's been too darned hot.  I have spent all my time trying to keep cool.  We are scheduled for some cooler weather, so I am planning my next project.  I have a plan for a really nifty hat and maybe another pair of socks... still working on it in my fetid brane.

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