Sunday, August 14, 2011


Okay, the County Fair is at last over and we have collected our loot from the Exhibit Hall.  Margo got blues on her jams: blueberry, raspberry, meyer lemon and Rainier cherry.  A Blue on her cake, and on her rhubarb/rosepetal preserves.  A blue on her corn sticks, her bread, her blueberries, her scarf and her fine art collage.  She got a special award on her needle felting and a special award on her bread.  She got CHAMPION on her table setting!  Proud mom, me.

I got blues on 2 pairs of socks, two hats, a ribwarmer vest and my quilted wallhanging.  I got People's Choice on my cupcake baby hat!  (YAY!)

I got the Twizzler Socks completed and am working on some that are sort of foxy brown/red and black tweed.  I can't find a stitch I like..... more when I can make a decision!

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