Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Cupcake Baby Hat

Okay, here I go.  In the effort to find things for the Fair, I am knitting.  Having already completed the maximum number of sock entries, I set to work on a baby hat that looks like a cupcake.  We'll see how it does at the fair.  (I had to get away from forms and spreadsheets which the accountant and the lawyer want yesterday.  This hat may have saved my sanity.)

Cupcake Hat 7/2011

I've seen some like it, but this is my own design.  The ruffle is double and so FLUFFY!  I think I need to borrow a baby.  Anyway, it or one of it's brethren will probably be for sale on etsy soon!  These are kinda fun!  I have blue yarn too.  Any thoughts on whether the "cherry" should be smaller?  Thanks

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