Monday, September 29, 2014


I have been hired to teach an eight week knitting seminar for ACTUAL adults!  I know, the reality of conversation may kill me.

Anyway, last week I went through my pattern hoard and weeded out the kitty hats and pencil cases and cutie backpacks in mini-sizes.  I added some prayer shawls and coffee cup cozies and a couple of shawls.  I should be good.

First class is on the dishrag.  They all want to do the dishrag.  We talked about how you can extrapolate the dishrag to a shawl (actually a hap) by knitting it looser, and bigger and stopping in the middle.  I used the word  extrapolate!  Actually, I used the word extrapolate with my kids, then I explained the word "extrapolate".  Never pass up an opportunity to increase vocabulary!  I'm taking a sample of a poncho using the dishrag (which we found while cleaning "Herself's" Room this weekend) to class tonight.  We shall see what they make of that!

Kind of nervous!  Working with adults is a different set of challenges.  It's a great group, and they are all motivated (something which is occasionally lacking in kids).  Adults are actually less easy than kids, because they do not necessarily believe that you are the ultimate authority. They question different things. They also do not take no for an answer. 

I actually wrote down the Simply Spiffy Hat Pattern today.  I usually just give oral instructions, because I want to encourage thinking, but adults like things on paper, in front of them.  They do not "fly by the seat of their pants" as easily as kids.  Also, they do not yet believe that I have Knitting Magic like the kid-knitters do.  They will in time!

On another front, I posted 7 Circular Dishrags and 7 Circular Baby Washcloths on Etsy today.  They are the same pattern, and I am taking bets on which sells first.  No telling.  Watch this space for developments!