Friday, August 10, 2012

Beginning Lace Knitting

Here's the sample for the Beginning Lace Knitting class that I'll be teaching at The Naked Sheep.  I call it Wandering Lace because it sort of ambles around....

It's a fun pattern, (my own) and it pretty much teaches you what you need to know to  stop be intimidated by lace knitting.  The folks at Naked Sheep seem to like it.  They want the pattern!  The class is on Nov. 27th and Dec. 4th.  I'm excited! (No one signed up for this class, so it was cancelled.  I was bummed. 11/25/13)

Working on a Guernsey (not the cow) sweater for another class sample, as well as thinking about a sample for an Aran design class.  I'm thinking about a tea cozy or a pillow.  Can't decide.  The Guernsey is knit in a color called Ruby, and it is working up BEAUTIFULLY!

On other subjects, the Fair is almost upon us.  Margo is working frantically to get her stuff done.  I have pretty much given up trying to get anything else finished.  We have to submit our stuff this Saturday, so I am pretty much serving in an advisory capacity at this point.

Margo has some needle felting, and some knitting and a bunch of canning.  She is also doing Table Setting this year and hoping for another Champion ribbon.  We'll see!