Sunday, August 14, 2011


Okay, the County Fair is at last over and we have collected our loot from the Exhibit Hall.  Margo got blues on her jams: blueberry, raspberry, meyer lemon and Rainier cherry.  A Blue on her cake, and on her rhubarb/rosepetal preserves.  A blue on her corn sticks, her bread, her blueberries, her scarf and her fine art collage.  She got a special award on her needle felting and a special award on her bread.  She got CHAMPION on her table setting!  Proud mom, me.

I got blues on 2 pairs of socks, two hats, a ribwarmer vest and my quilted wallhanging.  I got People's Choice on my cupcake baby hat!  (YAY!)

I got the Twizzler Socks completed and am working on some that are sort of foxy brown/red and black tweed.  I can't find a stitch I like..... more when I can make a decision!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Knitting is the only thing standing between me and insanity

I've been knitting.  I have a hat in progress (easy) and a pair of socks (more difficult).  I am trying to keep the house running AND get the stuff to the accountant AND answer questions on the phone about the FedEx route which we are selling, hopefully soon.  Come on guys... SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!

Anyway, knitting is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment.  When I am losing it, I knit on the hat, when I am calmer, I knit on the socks.  I have a plan involving etsy and selling handknit socks... it may actually work!  But.... I need to get some more socks knit.  The current socks Margo has named "Twizzler Socks" because they remind her of the candy.

Today is our 27th Anniversary.  I bought my own Anniversary gift this year.  Sock Blockers from Knitpicks.  I can't WAIT for them to get here!  SO excited.  You see, I HAVE to buy these gifts for myself because if you said "sock blockers" to Bruce you would get a deer in headlights look.... he tries but... you know.

I may be saved, because I just scheduled dinner with my buds, Shelley and Jenni.  I only have to live until Tuesday night now.... and keep on knitting!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Sock Summit, a review

Before attending Sock Summit last week I perused my stash.  This was, in part, an effort to cool my enthusiasm for more yarn.  I found the large bag(s) with the wondrous yarns I bought at LAST Sock Summit languishing in my studio.  To my credit, they weren't ALL still there, but a heck of a lot of them were.

I managed to get away from Sock Summit with only five skeins of sock yarn.  I studiously avoided the $25.00 per bag bin and the "Giant bundles of incredibly cheap yarn for 50% off" booth.  Both were part of my downfall last time.

Best yarn name at Sock Summit?  Zombie Apocalypse  (last time it was Clown Barf)
Best New Thing:  A badge that said "I Knit Because I am Smarter Than You"

Not sure if it was me or not, but Sock Summit seemed smaller this year.  Maybe I was just wearing better shoes.  The right pair of shoes can change your life, just ask any fairytale princess.  I saw lots of cool stuff and will make a point to get there next time.  I just love to knit socks and I really LIKE people who knit socks.  It's fun being in an entire group of people who "GET" me!

When we sat down to lunch and I was giving my buddy the pattern for the lace on the socks I was kniting, the other people at the table were listening intently.  We then all pulled out our socks and compared notes.  Not one person all day said to me "Oh, you KNIT!  I'd like to learn, but I just don't have the patience."...  Those of you who know me personally know JUST what goes through my mind when I hear that.  (I am known as "She Who Does Not Suffer Fools Gladly", and I have NO patience, just ask my kid)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Cupcake Baby Hat

Okay, here I go.  In the effort to find things for the Fair, I am knitting.  Having already completed the maximum number of sock entries, I set to work on a baby hat that looks like a cupcake.  We'll see how it does at the fair.  (I had to get away from forms and spreadsheets which the accountant and the lawyer want yesterday.  This hat may have saved my sanity.)

Cupcake Hat 7/2011

I've seen some like it, but this is my own design.  The ruffle is double and so FLUFFY!  I think I need to borrow a baby.  Anyway, it or one of it's brethren will probably be for sale on etsy soon!  These are kinda fun!  I have blue yarn too.  Any thoughts on whether the "cherry" should be smaller?  Thanks